End face milling

Functions and features
>>End milling is composed of milling head, lifting column, worktable, bed, mechanical feed system, electrical control system, numerical control system, guide rail protection device, cutting tool, etc.
>>The machine is used for milling both ends of H-beam or box steel formed by welding or rolling. The maximum end face of the workpiece can be milled is 1200 * 1500mm, and the minimum end face of the workpiece is 300 * 200mm. It can also mill the side face of H-beam or box section steel. This machine tool has the advantages of easy operation, simple structure and rapid adjustment. It is one of the necessary equipment for professional manufacturers of welded section steel.
>>End milling is composed of bed, slide, column, lifting table, milling head, horizontal feed mechanism, lifting mechanism, electrical control system, etc. In general, the end face milling should be equipped with a hydraulic worktable for positioning and clamping the workpiece. The hydraulic worktable is composed of two worktables, two positioning seats, two pressing seats and a hydraulic station.
Technical parameters:


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