XB non pressure beam L-type straight edge end face milling machine


Functions and features:
>>The straight edge and end face of the steel plate are milled at the same time to ensure that the straight edge and end face of the steel plate are plane 90 degrees, the accuracy is improved and the efficiency is fast;
>>Solve the problem of inconvenient milling of long steel plate end face;
>>No pressure beam design, steel plate loading and unloading is safe, convenient and improve work efficiency;
>>The application range of milling is expanded;
>>With the design of non pressure beam, the loading and unloading of workpieces is safe and convenient, and the production efficiency is significantly improved;
>>The distribution of super strong magnetic sucker is reasonable, and the single disk suction is as high as 3.5t [patented product];
>>Compared with the hydraulic edge milling machine, it is more suitable for processing multi specification and multi size work due to its non pressure beam limitation, convenient loading and unloading, and higher utilization rate of workshop.
>>The overall design of the guide rail is one-time processing, with high surface treatment strength, small wear deformation and stable walking. The main wear surface is protected by inlaid steel guide rail, which is convenient for quick replacement after wear without damaging the reference guide rail. According to the requirements of customers, the detachable high strength HRC50 quenching guide rail can be made. In the case of non-human damage, it can be regarded as no wear, greatly improving the accuracy and service life of the equipment.
Removable guide rail, according to customer requirements.

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