XB pressure beam standard milling machine



Functions and features:
>>Can be single sheet and stacked milling, improve efficiency;
>>The turning angle of the power head is 0-90 degrees, the U-shaped slope does not need special shaped cutter, and the milling center is enlarged;
>>The power head adopts planetary gear speed change, which greatly increases the cutting torque; the milling speed can be adjusted to the appropriate speed according to different materials;
>>It can be milled back and forth to improve efficiency;
>>International milling cutter head, strong interchangeability, easy to purchase;
>>The whole bed vibration, aging to eliminate stress, long-term use without deformation;
>>The overall design of the guide rail is one-time processing, with high surface treatment strength, small wear deformation and stable walking. The main wear surface is protected by inlaid steel guide rail, which is convenient for quick replacement after wear without damaging the reference guide rail. According to the customer's requirements, the detachable high strength HRC50 quenching guide rail can be made. In the case of non-human damage, it can be regarded as no wear, greatly improving the precision and service life of the equipment;
>>The pressing mode of the edge milling machine adopts the whole cylinder to fix the workpiece, cancels the original manual pressing mode of the milling machine, increases the number of hydraulic cylinders and reduces the operation intensity of personnel;
>>Perfect pressure maintaining system, when the pressure reaches the set value when pressing the workpiece, the hydraulic system will stop working. When the pressure is lower than the set minimum value, the system will automatically compensate instantly to reduce the working time of the system, which is not only environmental protection and energy saving, but also can prolong the service life of hydraulic components;


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